Building Online Brands with Engaging Content and Digital Experiences for Local Audiences

  • by Philippe Bodart
  • 8 months ago

Business owners and marketers are increasingly realizing the importance of having their brand and their content show up at the moments that matter to their target audience.

Content Marketing and The New SEO

A content strategy that maps the moments your audience is online and is optimized for search will achieve its full potential.

Paid media channels are essentials. But you may lack the budget and the knowledge to fully exploit them. You may even have trouble understanding what the real ROI is.

However, original and organic content can be THE answer for most business owners and entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. As long as they are distributed at the right time through the right digital channel and optimized for search.

Issues and Challenges


Content congestion is a real issue. There are tons out there and much is never found or consumed properly by its target audience. The last thing customers want is a half-baked piece of content that has no purpose other than adding to the noise.

Content Marketing and, therefore, content needs to take an inside-out approach in terms of coming up with topics. SEO complements this with an outside-in approach. In other words, write content that comes from inside the company, and then take that content to customers who are looking to absorb content around the topic. More on that later in this article, and future articles.

Capitalize on local audiences and local demand. The vast majority of businesses sell to consumers and other businesses within a 30 miles radius. Not many of us can enjoy an Apple or Amazon business model. Most of us still have to follow the Henry Ford saying, “You can have any color, as long as it is black”. This emphasizes the need to have company messages, articles, and marketing materials that appeal to a local audience.

Digital Experiences and CHATBOTS

You may have a wonderful website, truly engaging, with good content, easy to navigate and read. This is obviously fantastic. What your website does not do or does not know, is who is visiting your website? For what purpose, is this a new viewer or has he/she been on your site before?

So, unless visitors actually leave their details in a Form, or buy from you in your online shop, you know very little of them. Web analytics gives you a very generic high-level view of what is happening on your site, not individual data on each viewer. There are tons of techniques to re-engage viewers with your content or shop, but in the end, you are broadcasting everything to everybody.

Viewers are zapping through your channels so to speak, as they would zap through TV channels or the Netflix menu. A TV Channel has no clue what you want. Netflix is much more educated as it knows your watch history. It can even rate new content based on that history and entice you to watch new shows.

For your website visitors, unless you firmly grab their attention somehow, the likelihood of zapping away pretty rapidly is big. And even if they leave their details, by the time you can respond, he or she might have found an easier way to get to the information elsewhere.

A Chatbot alleviates these issues. Instead of broadcasting all your content and trying to guess which one will impact your viewers, a chatbot speaks to the person directly. The chatbot can ask the person what they are looking for and direct them to where they need to go.

Chatbots can become highly personalized and give customers the trust to look deeper into your offering. And, in the end, it’s like a phone. If anyone interacts with the chatbot, you can pick up and chat with that viewer directly at any time of the day. If not for anything else, a chatbot creates a 24 x7 online presence for you and your viewers and potential customers.

Keeping in Touch with Your Existing Customers


No business survives without repeat business and recurring customers unless you have found a business without customers that can run itself profitably.

And even if you have a smashing product or service sold at an amazing website, you need to keep in touch with your existing customers. There is no better way than a plain and simple Newsletter sent out on a monthly basis. If there is nothing else to be announced, organize a monthly Newsletter containing the new blog posts or infographics you created on your website.

This will lead to more engagements with your content and potentially repeat business. Chances are if an existing customer goes to the website, sees the chatbot, they will interact directly with you instead of abandoning the website.

At WebriQ goes Mad, and more especially in the Madder service, we address the three key areas described above. In this article, I will describe the most important one, which is the inside-out approach of content creation and the methodology we use to get to that content.

The Inside-Out Approach of Content Creation and SEO

A lot of experts will tell you that you need a content strategy and you need to drill down on your vision and mission and what have you. If you have all that, great! Chances are you have not and it would be an uphill battle to come up with all of that.

The inside-out approach that we suggest for you would be to simply to come up with three key competencies that your company has and wants to portray for the customers. Does it have it to be three? Not really, you can start with one.

Three is a number that sits better with customers, as it builds their trust. And it can have a couple of hard competencies like, “I have the best quality products” with more soft competencies like, “I have the friendliest staff around”.

Combine that with say the 20 to 50 most frequently asked questions by your customers and you have built out your content strategy for the next couple of years.

The key competencies become the pillar, the frequently asked questions become the clusters around the pillar. We write them, glue them together, publish them at the appropriate times and optimize them for search engine purposes.

Any viewer or existing and new customers can understand not only what you do, they most likely know that already, but how you do it and why you do it the way you do it. Clearly distinguishing you from any other similar company.

From an SEO perspective, we optimize the content for long tail keywords that appeal to a local audience and local demand. In the next article, I will expand on the outside-in approach of content creation and SEO.