Extensive and Effective Customer Support, Service, & Helpdesk

  • by Philippe Bodart
  • 7 months ago

Actual Situation on the Web Design Market

When a startup or SME decides to build up a website, there are a large number of possibilities to choose from. Let’s talk about these possibilities, shall we?

Building a Website by Yourself


This means the business owner or one of his staff will choose a “Do it yourself” CMS systems like Wix and similar options. You choose a template and all you have to do is to adjust the design and fill in the content.

In case of technical difficulties or when in need of plugins or options, the problems usually start as there is no assistance or anyone who will do the job or help. It’s also quite time-consuming for the business owner.

Another problem is to make the site engaging or Search Engine Optimized. Yes, many of these Do-it-Yourself homepage systems offer SEO tools. But they don’t offer any customer service for more complicated concerns.

Building a Website by Hiring a Freelancer

In case you don’t want to build your website on your own but also don’t want to engage a professional web design company for assistance, you can choose a freelancer. Usually, a freelancer offers a cheaper rate than the professional companies.

Once chosen, he will offer you a system and will produce your website. So far so good. You deliver the content and design guidelines and he finalizes the project and the project goes online. Often, you can’t change anything at the website without him and often you don’t know the exact maintenance fees. You probably have no monitoring tool during the making and your only source of influence is when you see the mockup.

Building a CMS Site Like Wordpress

This is really a popular option. It’s usually affordable. A technician--often also a freelancer--chooses the components and builds your website. Once it’s done, you get an introduction on how to fill it with content and that’s it. More customer service than doing it yourself but probably not what you want or expect. Not to mention the lack of project management.

Hiring a Web Design company

To hire a professional is usually the best choice as you get guaranteed services and you buy their know-how & experience. You can choose from CMS systems or handmade sites. Payment is usually upfront and service is not included. You have to pay for it. Unfortunately, this can be expensive and is, in matters of service level, unclear.

What Customer Service Should You Expect?

Based on our experience, customers want guidance, the possibility to see each step of the development of their project, someone who consult them, and a system to track the status of their complaints, requests etc. Another simple but important point is customers want to know the complete price for their project and possible additional costs.

We are all about customer service and can definitely meet your needs.

How We Do It at WebriQ goes Mad?


We at WebriQ goes Mad don’t want to talk about other companies much. What we can do is to talk about what kind of service we are offering and how customers can reach us.

Seamless Onboarding

We make it as easy as possible for the customer. All you got to do is to send us the briefing document. After that, the assigned team will have a meeting regarding the concept and targets for each customer. We simply discuss how to make the website, layout, etc.

Detailed Project Management

You, the customer, get an invitation to our Trello board and can then track changes in real time and you’ll have an influence on every step. At the same time, you will get a welcome email with all of your WebriQ credentials.

You will also know the name of the project manager who will guide you through the complete process. And after completion of the website building, this same project manager will be there for you through all kinds of updates. This simply means we never let our customer be in the dark about what is going on with your project.

Helpdesk with Ticket System and Chat

Once you are our customer, your email will be automatically assigned to our Helpdesk. And with a simple login, you can permanently track the situation and status of any of your request or problem. Don’t like to send an email? No problem. You can directly chat with us and our system will assign this chat as a ticket. Totally automated.

We believe that the success of a website depends on the possibility to work on it. That’s why our responsibility and service doesn’t end with going live. We include complete service and these support possibilities during the entire time you are our customer - without additional fees.