Design and Develop Websites That Engage, Build Trust, and Work!

  • by Philippe Bodart
  • 8 months ago

Whether you are considering building a brand new website or want to redo your existing one, you are faced with a lot of important decisions.

In the end, a business website is of equal importance to your brick-and-mortar shop. Your website represents your entire business proposition. It is your branding and serves as your digital shop window for your entire current and future customers.

Making the Right Choices for Your Website

Probably the biggest decision to make is if you are going to use in-house resources (Do-it-Yourselves), use a technical person, use a professional web developer, a web agency, or web marketing agency to guide you through the entire website building process.

Since a website is really a picture of what and who you are as a business and given the experiences you had in the past, considering real professional help might be the best avenue. Professional help that will be available throughout the existence and growth of your business at rates that are transparent and affordable.

In the search of professional help in building your next or first website, a couple of key competencies need to be in place.

Above-Average Project Management and Customer Service

First, make sure that project management and ongoing support capabilities (customer service) are available to you. Your website is a journey; it changes and evolves as your business is evolving. Solid project management skills and tools used plus ongoing support throughout your journey is key to the success of your web project.

Clean, User-Friendly Website Design


A very close second in your list of considerations when working on your website is that whoever is doing the development must have is a great overall sense of design. That person must understand the purpose of clean User Interface designs and must know how to achieve them.

This requires knowledge of the elements of design as well as the basics of design principles, typography best practices, how to use images, and layouts. And, last but not least, it requires expertise in mobile and mobile-first designs since over 50% of your viewers and customers now are consulting your website on a mobile device of some sort. This percentage will grow further still over the next couple of years.

Strong Grasp of Computer Codes and Scripts

Designing a website requires knowledge of computer code and languages - HTML, CSS, and Javascript are just some of the most popular languages used to build websites. A simple message like “Hello World” becomes this when coded:


In other words, website design involves a high level of technicality. Not only should your web designer think about how the site looks, but he should also consider if every little feature works. Does that button function or does this page load fast enough?

Whoever is tasked to create your site should have a strong understanding of computer languages to achieve and exceed the results you expect.

Fool-Proof Domain Service

A totally overlooked issue in website building is domain registration, domain name server settings, security, and hosting aspects of the website. Having the right professional help here ensures that:

  • your site will never be hacked
  • It will be completely secure
  • It will never be down
  • your domain will be managed properly and professionally

With a reliable domain service, that’s one more thing off your mind so you can actually focus on running your business.

Search-Engine Friendly Website


What about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Back in the days (and actually not so long ago), SEO was treated as a game. It was focused on quantity, not quality. It was focused on search engines (Google, Yahoo) and not searchers.

It was like a cookie cutter. No matter who you were or what your business was all about if you mastered the technique of SEO, your rankings on search engines would be good. Those days are over, though.

if you want to improve your rankings, go and better your website. It’s all about making small but meaningful modifications to your web pages that will have a noticeable impact on your site’s user experience and the performance of your site in search results.

Your ultimate customers are your users, not the search engines. It is critical to understand what your visitors want and, more specifically, what do they want when they visit your website.

Build Your Business Website with WebriQ Goes Mad

The final question now then is how can I trust that all the above criteria will be met once I start my journey, and can I trust WebriQ Goes Mad that all these competencies are available in-house? Let’s go through the list:

  • When it comes to project management we use Trello. What is Trello? It’s a collaboration tool that gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on, who is working on it, and how far they’ve gotten. The tool organizes your projects into boards, cards, and lists. The platform maintains flexibility while keeping production levels high.

  • You can also use our Desk support platform. When it comes to ongoing customer service and support, you can use Trello for all design and content updates or The Support Desk Platform. The latter includes a chat facility where you can ask your more urgent queries about our WebriQ Goes Mad Services.

  • All our designs are custom made. They are not based on an existing or bought templates. The designs are made with a mobile-first view in mind. Our aim is to design in code instead of in illustrations or photoshop. That enables you to visualize the website designs right on your browser. And we always design around the content. In a template based design, the content needs to adapt itself to the design. And the most convincing element here is the fact that we have designed over 300 websites since we launched WebriQ Services.

  • We are at the forefront of modern coding techniques for website and web applications and we have all intentions to stay there. We use a set of open source development techniques that create custom-made websites and web applications, whether your needs are small or big. Gluing these techniques together to a website or web application results in a fast, easily scalable, secure website that has a far better user experience than any other system out there. Your content is dynamically generated by a CMS, but the website is statically rendered through a Content Delivery Network (CDN) just in the same way as your video streaming from Netflix or Amazon Prime.

  • We remove domain setup-related headaches. No need to trouble yourself with having to set up domain hosting, Cpanel, domain name server settings, SSL security, and other development operation issues. Just delegate your domain name settings to us, or transfer your domain to us, and we will take care of everything related to hosting and domain settings.

  • We do the basics of SEO better to have a strong foundation for your site. On search engine optimization - within the scope of our Slightly Mad and Mad Services, we will do the basics of SEO better than others out there. It means that all your pages will be properly set-up, so they can be crawled and indexed by the major search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo. Since we custom code your website, you will be guaranteed best practices when it comes to on-page Search Engine Optimization. Our Madder and Maddest Services will provide you with the necessary professional help to build quality content around key competencies you need and want to portray to your customers. Quality content that your customers are looking to obtain when they visit your website.

Your customers are looking for web experiences that are engaging and will build trust between your company and them. When viewers and customers are visiting your website, they are looking for a website that works, works fast, and easily provides them the information they are looking for.

Partner with the Right People

When choosing and evaluating your next partner for your web project, have the above criteria and needed key competencies in mind. Anything short will result in non-working, slow, unsafe, non-engaging websites that will build distrust instead of trust with your viewers and customers.