An Insight Into App Re-skinning

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You might have heard about the application re-skinning. App re-skinning is a beautiful art that helps drive a good profit as it reduces the development cost to just half while reducing the efforts to 50 percent. It is basically about completely revamping the visual appearance of an application without tinkering its code.

Therefore, if you want to re-skin your application, don't give it a second thought, simply go for it. However, if you are not creative enough to handle the UI design and UX design of an app, it is advisable to hire some professional for the same and ensure a surefire application.

I believe most of us are not a great fan of the “reinventing the wheel” philosophy. If that is true for you as well, this article could be beneficial for you. You will find a few useful tips and some insight into the re-skinning the application.

Let's delve deep into the topic.

App Re-skinning can be applied to any type of application.

The re-skinning of an application simply means to overhaul the graphics of an application while keeping the code as it is. This useful technique can be applied in any application, irrespective of their type. Whether you are developing a productivity app, gaming app, education app, or utility app, you can reskin a suitable application and design the desired look and feel. However, the core function of the application will remain the same; you can completely change the graphics of the application.

It is better than beginning from scratch.

Yes! Re-skinning an application makes a much sought after choice, as it reduces the development cost and efforts to a great extent. There is no need to hire expensive developers. Just change the graphics, and you will have a new application in front of you. This way, you can efficiently create multiple applications from a single code base.

Leveraging app re-skinning can benefit your business.

Since, re-skinning is often used for creating in-application advertisements, it hardly affects if the given application code suits the requirements of your app. However, it is essential that the advertisement in the given application helps developers drive desired profits.

It can be explained by considering an example. Assume there is an app that is generating $5 everyday through its in-app advertisement. Now if you re-skin the app in 3 different ways, you can increase the probability of earning greater profits. This way, you will be able to generate $15 everyday, that is exactly three times that from one application.

Steer clear of the common mistakes while re-skinning an application.

One can always learn from the others' mistakes. This is why it is said that it is good to spend some time learning the best practices and observe the other players in the field. You can avoid the common mistakes committed by others and ensure an awesome result.

Here are some common mistakes that can be avoided while re-skinning an application.

1. Overlooking The Technical Details – While it is true that one needs not to tinker with the source code while re-skinning an application, it is imperative to adhere to some essential technical details to ensure a flawless re-skinning. Let's have a look at them.

a. Take care of the graphics size. For instance, a button can have 80 x 80 pixel size. Ignoring such guidelines can ruin the entire look and feel and result in a poor looking application.

b. The size of the re-skinned images must be optimized. It has been observed that re-skinning can dramatically increase the image size and thus, can hamper the overall app performance. Thus, it is advisable to precisely optimize your images and use PNG files.

2. Compromising On The Re-skin Quality – There are several guidebooks and tutorials available on the Internet that share steps to create low-quality re-skins in order to upload a large number of apps in a week. Doing this just for the sake of earning money quickly is not advisable. In fact, releasing apps that lack quality will surely impact your valuable brand and market value.

Investing some time and efforts in designing the remarkable graphics for re-skinning will help drive invaluable outcomes. It will definitely attract the audience and help keep them engaged while delivering a great user experience. Also, make it certain that you are using an enticing app description and screenshots on the application stores to captivate your viewers and encourage them to download the application.

3. Poor Marketing Strategy – As with any other application, the re-skinned applications also demand promotions and marketing. You must start advertising your application among the target audience at the earliest possible. There are several ways to promote an application; it includes both paid and free methods and the choice is completely yours.

You may choose to use the social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and so forth for promoting without investing any amount. There are numerous free forums and blogs where you can share info about your application. You can even create groups, or ask app reviewers or bloggers to write reviews for your application.

4. Not Running A Thorough Research – Even if you think that your application idea is mind blowing, it is always advisable to research thoroughly beforehand. Don't rush for app development as soon as a good idea triggers you. Research your target market and look for any application with a similar idea. Check what kind of market response it got. Moreover, analyzing the competitive applications can help you choose an incredible template and come up with a refined re-skinned application design.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you a brief overview of App re-skinning and a few resourceful tips that can help you avoid the most common mistakes included in this article will be helpful for you. Application re-skinning will play a significant part in the future of the mobile marketplace. You can easily reap the benefits of this approach and drive hefty profits.

Author Signature: Victoria Brinsley is an app developer working with Appsted Ltd, the leading Android app development company which delivers most comprehensive mobile application solutions. She loves sharing latest information on mobile technologies like iOS, Android development processes.