Brand Strategy for 2014

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  • 6 years ago

Grow your brand presence through Web, Mobile Web and Digital Marketing Initiatives.

If you want to grow the presence of your brand a minimum effort needs to be done to build a Rich Media Web, Mobile Web and Digital Media presence. Secure all your digital assets and create a brand consistency throughout. Create compelling new content or re-use existing compelling content throughout all your digital media. All your digital media assets should be interconnected and interrelated to increase your online brand presence.

  • A Rich Media Web Presence Site is the core of your brand and the core of your brand visibility on the Internet.
  • A Mobile Web Presence Site can focus on certain content/promotions/offer that mobile users can browse easily.
  • A Facebook Business/Fan Page to profiles your Brand, do promotions and attract LIKES.
  • A Twitter account, enabling to Tweet everything that is hot within your brand strategy.
  • A LinkedIn account with your personal and business profile, and connecting with influencers in your industry.
  • A BloG
  • On Your Rich Media Website.
  • On Your Wordpress self hosted blog
  • A Youtube account (recommended in the engagement phase).
  • Google+ account to profile your business on Google.
  • Build e-mail/contact database and eventually Database for mobile marketing.

The purpose of all these digital assets and the management of it, is ultimately

  • Building, updating and posting of compelling content into all digital media.
  • Generating web traffic through directories and classified postings, inbound links, keyword rankings, social media bookmarking and profiling exercises.
  • Increase the likes/fans on Facebook
  • Increase the followers on Twitter
  • Participate in industry relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Monitor your brand and what is said about you and your company on all social media. Re active in this first phase, only in cases of company crisis or social media crisis affecting your company, products or services.

Webfactories provides and extensive set of Measuring and reporting tools

  • Dashboard view with Rankings, Analytics, Links and Social
  • Keyword Ranking for 5 relevant keywords and visibility score
  • Analytics with visits, new visits, time spent on site, bounce rate, keywords etc.
  • Links: total links, external links, linking root domains and authority
  • Social: Facebook Shares, Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Google+1's etc.

It is recommended to engage in this grow the brand presence for a period of 6 months minimum. If your company is new to web marketing and social media marketing, we recommend to extend this phase to one year . It will allow you and your staff to learn and engage with your customers and network in a gradual way, and it will allow you to build up your online brand and online reputation step by step. Like any marketing activity, it takes time and effort to build your online brand.