Collaborate with a Colorado Springs Web Design Agency for Strategic Keyword Use

  • by Leon Fedro
  • 10 months ago

If you want your website to rank higher, it should be designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. And, if it wasn't SEO-friendly to begin with, hire a Colorado Springs web design agency to optimize its content.

Regardless of the state that your website is in, content optimization starts with using the right keywords--terms that you specifically target in order to generate leads, increase conversion rates, and boost website ranking. Once you identify the keywords that are relevant to your business, insert them in strategic areas on your website.

Role of keywords in web design and ranking

Google Search ranks keywords based on how often they are used in searches. The more often they are used, the higher the ranking a website achieves when content is optimized for those most-searched target keywords. Keywords also serve as the bridge between consumers and SEO, connecting and directing the former to your site.

For optimum results, however, focus on quality keywords over quantity. You should make sure that you’re using them strategically, too.

Where to add keywords in your website design

  • Title tags. Place your most important keywords in the title tag as this is the first place where search engines scan. It is also what visitors will see both in the title area and on tabs in their web browsers.
  • Meta description tag. Place your keywords in the first 150 characters of the description tag so search engines that only use a part of the description tag are able to pick them up. Make sure to be as concise as possible.
  • Meta keywords tag. Place content-relevant keywords in the meta keywords tag since search engines weigh the relation between the keywords and the content of the page when scanning this aspect of a website header.
  • Content headers and subheaders. Clear concise and relevant keywords provide readers an idea of what’s contained in the content below the headers and subheaders. Doing so also aids people in scanning through a website quickly.
  • Page content. Incorporate target keywords in your content at the right density, ranging between 3% and 5%. Remember to optimize one keyword per one page of content.
  • Link text. Use keywords when linking internally or externally instead of the generic phrase ‘click here’. Keywords in link text help estimate the relevance of a keyword to a particular page.
  • ALT and title attributes. Use keywords for SEO purposes. Consider them as an opportunity to get your keywords read by search engines.

How Colorado Springs Web Design Agency Can Help

Apart from designing or transforming your old website into a responsive web design for your personal or business use, web designers know where these key places are and how to embed keywords into their codes. Hire a web design Colorado agency that also offers search engine optimization and they will help in researching the right keywords for your website.

Let WebriQ Help

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