Create a Responsive Web Design with an Effective Sales Funnel

  • by Leon Fedro
  • 9 months ago

Nowadays, websites are considered as very valuable assets in furthering your business or brand. Websites are often considered as the best salesmen since they don't require sleep or food. But it's still up to you, the business owner, to improve your website and give it the necessary information to reach its potential. Without an effective strategy, like a simple sales funnel, your website might as well be a robot who sells water to a fish. In this article we'll show you how to create an effective sales funnel through responsive web design, so you can start converting your followers and online audience into solid prospects and eventually, loyal customers.

#1: Reel them in at the top

So, a prospect has decided to click a link from a search engine or a sponsored social media post that leads to your website’s landing page. This is where your top funnel should be. The top of your sales funnel should state your hook, which is the main benefit of what you are selling as a business. The best way to do this is to introduce your online audience to a clear sense of what your brand is. Your top-funnel content should always be geared toward brand awareness. One example of this is to have a short video or animation right on your landing page.

#2: Educate at the middle

Since your top-funnel content is mainly found in your landing page, the next page--the page which a prospect is most likely to click on next--where the middle of your funnel should be is your About page or your Services page. Here is where you get your prospects to learn about your business at a deeper level. These are the pages that give your online audience all of the information they need when it comes to your brand. Make sure that the information here is clear and concise through the web design provided by a Colorado agency. At this point, if you have the specific product the prospect needs, your prospect will likely turn into a customer.

#3: Build a relationship at the bottom

So, your potential customer has found the product that would help them but hasn't clicked 'Add to Cart' yet. Why? It’s because they need to trust your brand. This is a job for the bottom part of the funnel. This is where you build trust with your potential customers. One great way to establish trust is to get five-star testimonials from past customers. You could get these testimonials from Yelp, TripAdvisor, and even Facebook's rating system, and put them on your website. If you have just started as a business, you could also build trust by creating content that states your company's values and vision.

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