Parallax 2

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  • 6 years ago

In our previous blog, we introduced to you parallax scrolling design technique and gave you some hints on how the industry applies this technology currently:

"Many leading brands use it as pivotal element of their online presence and many others jump the bandwagon. In fact too many, in our opinion. Yes, the parallax scrolling technique is great to present the most beautiful face of a brand but it serves not all purposes. Featuring a brand through its graphical artwork, is great for sure but when it comes down to detailed copies and text content that need to speak for the brand, parallax is an overkill.

Webfactories has solved this dilemma by introducing an any or both type of approach. With our next generation platform, WebriQ at our disposal, we can configure every single page of the website to have a unique design with unique CSS and even each of them being able to run unique JS codes.

That allows us to take a hybrid approach and feature parallax scrolling designs on some pages while use regular content pages for a text-rich contents.

website and you will see, how the two approaches have been combined into a comprehensive concept.

The parallax scrolling slides give the visitor the unique graphical experience that speak up for the brand. The visitor is then invited to “learn more” to inner pages with detailed written information.

The navigation is ensured back and forth by using innovative slider tools. See the arrow on the upper right corner of every page that contains a sliding-out navigation panel.

Our philosophy at Webfactories since day one has been that internet is for all. Small companies deserve to use those technologies that the larger corporations use. Therefore we make all those technologies available and affordable for everyone. And as we are a true full service web factory, the Parallax Scrolling Design has been added to our offerings at very affordable rates.

Every company has a brand to showcase. And that can be the corporate brand itself or a flagship product/service the business wants to promote. Parallax can do a great lift to that brand. With our hybrid approach, the visitors can always be navigated to and back from the inner pages that contain more informative copy writes that any business has to feature on their websites.

We at Webfactories strongly believe that any corporate website needs to be both catchy and functional. In order to meet the business objectives of our clients, the websites need to contain the perfect navigation tools to turn visits into leads and then, ultimately into orders. So interactivity, lead generation and call to action tools are indispensable and we offer an arsenal of those tools.

Did we say visits? Okay, that's something you must generate somewhere in the cyber space, so off your website, right? Actually, yes but we can do that for you, just check out our social media marketing and search engine marketing services and you will understand why we are a one-stop full service solution for your brand.