Pinterest Beats Yahoo Hits

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  • 6 years ago

Yahoo’s glide tend to exist with the recent news that Pinterest is now sending more hits to publishers compared to organic seach results from Yahoo.

An author from Shareaholic, an application provider for social sharing button widgets with more than a hundred thousand using the tools.

In a blog posted by an author from Shareaholic said that Pinterest was the fourth largest source of traffic in the month of August within its community- mainly on publishers beating Yahoo organic search results which fell to fifth rank.

All in all, Google is the only leading search engine site on top where considered as the main traffic source, beating out Yahoo Search Engine even with Facbook at 3rd positiion. Another source of traffic ranked in ShareAholic is Direct Traffic, it is still an intruiging rank beating Yahoo, Facebook traffic yet that is what ShareAholic released( please see image below).

If you can see, Pinterest surpassed Bing Search Engine back in June, see the red mark.

Across shareaholic network, Google- Yahoo- Bing referrals are low including facebook percentage. Direct traffic, Google plus has the largest portion for the traffic source including iGoogle.

Here’s another graph breakdown from Shareaholic’s post, showing the comparison of Yahoo, Bing, Twitter and Pinterest.

The graph shows a warning on publishers on Shareaholic and using its widgets. Social media marketing service will play a big role in getting to analyze where to get the impact of what kind of traffic they will be giving to their customers for a particular traffic service.

A tip from a Content Management System team and Digital Marketing Consultant, that every websites should not just be search engine friendly but rather be a social-friendly as well especially on images/visuals used on their sites that can play well and be used on social sites like Pinteres that would give a big impact.