Setting up Shop in Colorado? Ramp Up Brand Awareness with These Web Design Tips

  • by Leon Fedro
  • 10 months ago

Now that you have a business set up in Colorado, the ideal next step is to build a website. Websites are, after all, called the best salesmen as they don’t need to sleep and eat and they work 'round the clock.

Websites are a great way to expand your business and get potential customers' feet through the door. Conceptualizing and building your responsive web design takes a little bit of hard work but don't worry, here are a few steps to give you a head start in the digital marketing landscape.

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Streamline your design

When first designing your business's site, you may be tempted to add a number of flairs to highlight your own personal style. Being creative is great but putting that into a form of functionality is even better. Declutter and simplify. Make sure you communicate this point to any Colorado Springs web design team you hire.

Most website visitors are there only to look for what you're offering, so clean up the site's style. After that, you can add a few more elements that highlight your brand's personality, but keep in mind that the design should remain clean.

Highlight your content

Whether it's a product image, a video that showcases your brand's personality, or an old-fashioned blog, put it front and center. People who frequent the Internet are there to consume content, so give it to them!

Make sure that your content is placed where it is easily readable and accessible. This is why most business and brand websites follow a minimalist style as that puts the content right where it can be seen. Also, if you're running an e-commerce platform, see to it that the prices are very clear to the reader.

Use high-quality media

Crisp videos and images don't only bring out your brand's personality, it also elevates your style and shows your online audience what you're offering them. A great way to utilize high-quality media is to add a short video or a smart animation right on your landing page, capturing the audience's attention right away. Using media in web design Colorado or anywhere really is a great way to tell a story to your online visitors. So before you start building your website, whip out your good camera and start snapping.

Encourage interaction

Even though your website visitors will have gone through your website, they might still be looking for something more human. While building your website add your contact details and your social media pages. Make it easy for the people of Colorado to reach you. A great way to do this is to add a phone number or an e-mail address at the fixed navigation bar, making it easy for them to connect with you. Also, don't forget to be responsive when your customers start contacting you.

Have a business in Colorado Springs that needs a push on the digital marketing game? Contact us anytime. Here at WebriQ, we offer web design as a service and we have a team of professional and eager people who look forward to helping you with your web design needs.

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