Why making an eCommerce website is not just enough to survive the competition?

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Every website, be it an eCommerce website or a normal blogging site, everyone needs to know what is happening around them so as to match pace in this competitive world.

Before we get into the deeper insights of how it works and which tools are required to make it work, we must first know what is the importance of it and how working on it can get us better returns.

Take a deep plunge

Your credibility as a web analyst depends on how deeper you can plunge into to get every minutest detail that has the potential to make a difference. As we know that our main aim or the target is to get traffic, so we can start with the categories of traffic which we have and they are as follows:

  • Direct
  • Campaign
  • Referral
  • Search

Direct traffic can be described as the one that comes from no source point or in short visitor had directly typed the Url of your website he read somewhere in passing or signboards.

Campaign traffic is the traffic received as a result of your marketing strategy. Referral traffic is the traffic received from the link submitted on different sites. Search traffic is the traffic received when people type their query in the search bars of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and others.

For those who have a bit grasp on marketing might be aware of it.

Let's start with the analytics!

Integrate Google Analytics with your E-commerce website

Google Analytics is by far one of the most standard tools when it comes to analyzing any traffic related activity on the web. These tools provide a comprehensive analysis and detailed reports that help you to get a cross-sectional view of what is happening in the market. Being a free tool, every business owner of scale can use this powerful analytical tool for their web store that pulls the data from the Google itself. All you need to do is to integrate it to your website, and this enables you to intertwine your sales to sessions that will connect the sales to all your marketing channels.

To set up a Google Analytics, you need to go through a couple of steps, in which the first step is to go to your admin pannel of your eCommerce store and from there you need to incorporate eCommerce tracking.

Then after, you need to make some alterations in the coding part as Google Analytics offers a piece of code using which the website is crawled via the web crawlers of the Google. For those who have no grasp of coding can take some help from the programmers.

Analyze your Competition


Alexa has outgrown all the other tools, being in the market since past 15 years.

The best part about this service is that it is mostly free and helps the user to analyze your contemporaries. No mathematics applied all you need is to type your URL of the firm, and you can get all the insights such as global rank, site links, audience insight, loading time of the site, search analytics, and many other competitive features.

Alexa gives you a very discursive analysis of the website, but you can find some discrepancies in the information delivered by the website. This is because they gather information from the one those who have installed their extension for Google Chrome or toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Social Media Analytics

Social media has undoubtedly become one of the most popular platforms for marketing your online stores. The best part about social media marketing is that you can chalk out a complete plan for your social media marketing strategy.

Facebook Analytics Dashboard – Analytics of social media giant: Facebook- For those who have made a Facebook page might be aware of the Insights section offered by Facebook.

Since its launch, we have seen numerous iterations of Facebook page insights.

And the developers have come up with something new every time and have made the page quite friendly with each version.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard - Twitter, the micro blogging website has also grown luxuriantly and has become on of the most popular tool for disseminating your business via web and outreaching audiences. Though, it does not offer an analytics as Facebook does, but one can make use of Twitter Cards for doing so.

In order to make the best tweets ever, you can make use of tools like Sprout Social, Twtrland, or Hootsuite that help you to get analytics on impressions and traffic on your tweets.

Effectively utilize this strategy

Now in order to get traffic on this website you need to make sure you go into deeper analytics and get to use it in the best possible way you can.

Now let us say that you have an eCommerce website selling apparels then you can use Facebook to reach your target audience. You can post your latest offers or discount coupons. Even you can post some of your ravishing offerings that are in vogue. You need to remember that when not manually tagged then a link is taken as referred traffic in Google Analytics and Facebook is taken as the referrer. Moreover, you can utilize each of the categories of the post for different marketing campaigns.

An effective planning will certainly help you to get Good returns!

Author Signature: Maria Mincey is an web developer working with Xicom Technologies - eCommerce web development company. You can contact her in order to hire developers to avail the highly functional eCommerce and web development solutions. She has several years of experience in the field of web development.