Lane Mitchell Jewelers

Lane Mitchell Jewelers
Lane Mitchell Jewelers
Lane Mitchell Jewelers specializes in custom designed jewelry, diamond engagement rings and estate jewelry. We combine old world craftsmanship with the most modern technology. Our experienced bench jewelers and our talented designers have over 150 years of combined experience!

At Lane Mitchell Jewelers, you can choose something that is already made, you can start from scratch with an idea or a picture, or you can recreate something you already have from a family heirloom

The website is build on Spike a next-generation static site generator. It is built on top of webpack, and a foundation of html, css, and js parsers that accept plugins to transform the output. It’s fast, actively developed, and very data-friendly. It uses WebriQ CMS and the WebriQ JAMStack APP for building, updating and maintaining the website. Superfast downloads, super security and scalability are the main features of this website.

Key features include:

  • Spike
  • WebriQ CMS
  • WebriQ Forms
  • WebriQ Digital Marketing Assistant